Designer cupboards

Vintage designer cupboards are stylish acquisitions. Chaos meets cupboards, and voila! We have a clean decor. But what are cabinets really for? In my opinion, they are for everyone. Are you a person who cherishes old memories and cannot dispose of old favorites easily? Are you a traveler who loves to pick up souvenirs when discovering new interesting places? Are you someone who receives interesting presents, or do you just love to shop? A “yes!” to all of the above? Cupboards are the answer!

Designer cabinet

An antique cabinet or cupboard is as much decor as it is useful storage. There are loads of different colorful options for used cabinets, from neutral ones to standing out shades of red, pink, blue. Can’t find the color you’re looking for? Buy a used cabinet and paint it whichever color you like. Store music, books, your favourite records and add a couple of plants on top to turn the cupboards into beautiful decor.

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